Would You Work for $2.50/Hour?

emptypocketsAre you risking your reputation to save a few hundred dollars?

Before I begin, I want to preface my opinions by stating that global economics is far too complex of a subject for any one opinion to be considered authoritative. There are many valid points of view which I respect. My goal is to educate you and inspire you to do your own research so that you can make informed purchasing decisions.

I often hear about nightmarish experiences with low-rate logo designers and too many people advising the use of discount sites. I want to share some insight as to why purchasing from sites like 99Designs and Fiverr both undermines entrepreneurs that work in that industry AND is bad for your professional image.


We all want to be paid for our time and our value. When you are investing in yourself, your brand is a vital part of your business – therefore, VALUABLE. When you pay $300 for THIRTY designs, you are paying $10 PER DESIGN. Without taking into consideration anything else (inspiration, project management, research, etc.), each design takes 3-5 hours – so thats an average of about $2.50/hr. If you wouldn’t do the work yourself for this pay, you can’t expect anyone else to either without realizing how unethical this is. Good designers are college educated professionals who continuously stay on top of the latest trends. The world buys into the myth of the starving artist that is in it for their passion and love of art, not for the money. It’s absurd to say to anyone in any other service industry, “I want you to do custom work for me but I’m only going to pay you for this service if I like it” or “You’ll get so much exposure if you do this for me for free” or “This is a competition. Do all of the work upfront and whomever is best will get some ridiculously low amount of money.” Creative professionals have mouths to feed too. If you won’t work like this, they shouldn’t either.


When designers are making so little to do the work, they don’t take the time to research. This coupled with the fact that they routinely use stock designs or tweak/re-purpose other company logos puts you at high risk for trademark/copyright infringement. That’s a legal battle that will cost you more money than if you had just paid a reputable company to design your logo for a fair wage. Trust me. Attorneys charge A LOT more than a high quality graphic design company. Also, buying from these services is not investing in your brand, it is buying a logo. A logo is not your brand. A brand requires a partner that is dedicated to helping your business grow by providing you will consistent brand messaging/imagery across all media as part of a long-term business relationship.

To address affordability: Your brand is your reputation – the one thing you can’t afford to risk.

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Tiffani Hollis
Tiffani Hollis
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