Find Your “Why”

The ultimate success in cause marketing comes from creating business growth and social change by finding the intersection of social causes, unmet consumer needs, and the core reason for your brand’s existence. This starts with defining you brand’s purpose, your “Why”, the core reason your brand exists (it’s about more than $!).

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Dig Deep

What formative experience or people have influenced you most?

Think to the Future

When you retire, what achievements will outlast you?


Sort your thoughts into broad categories. A few examples are freedom/independence, solving a problem, and creating social change.

Narrow Your Focus

Which category do most of your thoughts fall under?

Tap Into Your Passions

Are there charities, causes, or social issues you feel passionately about?

Know Your Audience

What causes or issues does your audience feel passionately about?

Connect the Dots

Where does your motivation, your passion, and your audience intersect?

Lead From Within

Rally your people to be champions of your cause! Build morale and decrease turnover.

Unlock Growth

H2H Strategy + Branding + A Good Cause = Meaningful Relationships that Drive Growth! Human to Human Strategy connects your people to your audience, builds loyalty, creates advocates, and drives growth!

Tiffani Hollis
Tiffani Hollis
Founder, Creative Hero, Philanthropist, Artist, Poet, Seeker of Wisdom
I want instigate a social change from an attitude of indifference to making a difference, from apathy to empathy. Brands have the power of influence. By becoming champions for a good cause, brands can create both epic growth and social change.