The Result of Mutually Beneficial Partnerships.

It doesn’t matter if you define yourself as B2B or B2C, the truth is business growth is about H2H: Human to Human. It is human nature to want to be part of something bigger than ourselves. Engage yourself and your organization in a good cause, and human nature will drive people to engage with your brand. This creates mutual benefit: your business grows and your cause gains much needed attention and resources.


H2H strategy w/smart tech turns warm fuzzies into metrics of epic success.

Good Cause

Businesses do not have feelings. People do. People want
to feel, connect, and be part of something important.
How do they feel about you? 


A successful brand depends on good people, not just a good logo (but an epic logo helps!).

Strategy + Branding + Good Cause =
Meaningful Relationships That Drive Measurable Growth

“If your only goal is to become rich, you will never achieve it.”

-John D. Rockefeller

The Proof is in the Numbers.



Of customers would choose a brand that supports a cause over a competitor that doesn’t.

9 out of 10

Consumers opinion of a company improved after a cause marketing campaign.


Of consumers would switch brand loyalty for one affiliated with a cause, all else equal.


Of Millenials consider a company’s social responsibility when deciding to accept a job.


Of Millenials would take a pay cut to work for a socially responsible company.


Social cause is the top purchase trigger when quality/price are equal.


Meaningful brands outperform on the stock market on average 120%.


The highly influential consumer segment seeking both style & responsibility when purchasing.

“Philanthropy is an investment, one in which lives –
not profits – are at stake.”

-Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen

Transform Charity From an Expense Into an Investment.

When you look at your annual budget, where is the line-item for charitable donations? Marketing will say, “It’s about doing good.” Finance will say, “Where’s the return?” A Trident Cause Driven Growth Strategy™ includes metrics for success that create a win/win/win for marketing, finance, and your cause.

Engage Your Customers

91% of consumers would switch brand loyalty for one affiliated with a cause.

Loyalty = customer advocacy = free salespeople

Strengthen Your Team

A culture of giving creates committed employees, higher retention, & better recruiting.

Happy employees = higher productivity & lower on-boarding costs

Attract Media Attention

Community involvement attracts attention; PR for you is PR for your cause.

Earned PR = added value to your donation without added cost!

Calculate the Return

Finance, this is for you:

Cheaper Customer Acquisition + Increased Productivity + Lower HR Costs + Tax Benefits = Measurable Return on Investment!

“60% of the workforce are Millennials. They are not motivated by money. They want to make a difference.”

-Charles Day

Build Success From Being the Good.

Our motivation often determines our success or our failure. Being good at what you do is the price of entry. Being the good is what it takes to win. Sustained growth and epic success are the results of mutually beneficial partnerships between businesses and non-profits. Being the good and implementing a Trident Cause Driven Growth Strategy™  engages your customers, strengthens your team, and attracts attention.

Defining Your "Why"

Epic success starts with knowing what motivates you  (other than $)!

Connecting Your "Why" to a Cause

People naturally connect with like minds. EPIC plugs you into the right cause to maximize mutual benefit.

Focusing Your Message

Communicating with the right audience requires the right cause, the right tactics, and the right expert. 

Leading from Within

Your people are your brand’s best asset. Are you rallying your employees to be champions of your cause?

Creating Advocates

When your customers have something to say, 1.4B social media users are listening. Is their influence driving business growth?

Measuring Success

Loyalty, reach, influence, organizational health, and conversions are all measurable! (It’s about more than warm fuzzies)

“The path to success is to take massive, determined action.”

-Tony Robbins


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